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Medicine Counseling

Balbir Shekhawat
B.pharma, D.pharma

Balbir Shekhawat is an experienced registered pharmacist with holding nine years of experience in the health care sector. He has specialisation in patient counselling regarding the safe & effective use of medicines and health supplements. His main objective is to increase the effectiveness of medicines and health supplements and minimize or neutralise the side effects.


Bachelor in Pharmacy
Diploma in Pharmacy

What is Patient Counselling?

Patient counselling refers to the process of providing vital information, advice and assistance to help you with your medications and to ensure that you are taking your medicines properly. This also includes important information about the patient’s illness and lifestyle.

At “Diagnose to Cure”, our medical experts are well trained to provide proper information regarding patient’s medicine and diseases counselling to ensure that patient get their questions answered. As a result, patients will receive plenty of information about the use of the medication including how and when to take the medication, how long to take and what to do if any side effects occur, or even in case a dose is missed.

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